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What our participants say?

A selection of perspectives that voice experiences of our Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Program participants.



Livestock Farmer

"I like it, I love it. Its quite educative I have now broader view of what agricultural entrepreneurship is. My knowledge now about agriculture is quite valuable. Its a good program and my advice that more programs like this held to enlighten us about agriculture in general.

My recommendation to people who participate in the program in the future is they take it seriously because it’s very educative program and it’s going to help a lot not only to them but the knowledge if spread into the country it will help the country Nigeria a lot."




"The training program is good, it’s innovating it’s captivating, and it’s nice.


I recommend the program to learn more about agriculture.

The course provided a good balance of technical teaching and real life examples from external speakers, ensuring that as a participant you were always exposed to the practical application of the skills taught at the course.


I believe is one of the key differentiating factors that being at the TURKEY TRAININGS offers."



Accounting Graduate

"It was educative, informative and we had the chance to meet experts in the various field of agriculture. Also the environment was very very conducive for learning.

In a part from knowing everything about agricultural development, you also have a chance to see Turkey see other nice places because it is not just about agriculture, you will also have to know where you are.


You see places that I also consider it a second education. I advise everyone

join this program, travel Turkey and learn."



Business Person

"I thoroughly enjoyed my course! It's been really interesting and the right level of challenging. I’ve built a good relationship with lecturers and I'm genuinely sad to leave.


I’ve met some fantastic people and had some incredible opportunities that never would have come my way had I not chosen to join this program.

This experience is also great to add to my curriculum vitae as it is one of the most important training programs I've experienced."

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